Success For Each Child & Eliminate the Opportunity Gap by Leading with Racial Equity

System & School Improvement Winter/Spring 2018 Professional Learning Series Announced

7 Dec

Are you looking for targeted resources and supports to address House Bill 1541 (Implementing strategies to close the educational opportunity gap)? Interested in deepening your racial equity leadership? Searching for system and school improvement strategies and structures that will aide in your response to new ESSA requirements?

Puget Sound Educational Service District (PSESD) Learning, Teaching and Family Support (LTFS) Department, in collaboration with the System & School Improvement and Equity in Education programs, would like to invite you to join us for our Winter/Spring 2018 professional learning.

Professional Learning Opportunities

 Back by popular demand in response to our October 2017 session: 

  • Stay Woke! Critical Race Theory (CRT) in Education Introductory Seminar ( Part 1) | Jan 25, 2018 | $100.00  Learn more and register HERE

*In collaboration and partnership with Educate to Liberate Consulting (E2LC), Part 2 and Part 3 of this series is scheduled for April 3, 2018 and April 30, 2018.

This one-day interactive and experiential seminar will build on the foundations of the 3-part Racial Equity Institute to introduce participants to Critical Race Theory – its tenets, constructs and how it may be used as a lens to impact professional practices.

As a result of the professional learning in this seminar, participants will:

  • Calibrate a collective working definition and understanding of Critical Race Theory (CRT)
  • Participate in learning strategies and processes to frame work of CRT for anti-racist, social change
  • Name a core equity challenge in their work and draft a Plan of Action to identify intentional strategies to challenge and transform relationships among race, racism and power in their organizations

New opportunities:

  • Systems Thinking in Schools Institute (2 days) | Jan 29 & Feb 5, 2018 | $400.00  Learn more and register HERE

Many educators believe in the illusion of a broken education system. Contrary to popular belief, our current education system produces predictable outcomes based on race, class, ability and other social factors.In order to eliminate inequitable systems, policies, programs, and practices and in order to cultivate conditions to improve all students’ educational outcomes, we must understand and deepen our analysis of various components in our education system and their relationships to one another that work together to uphold the status quo.

This institute will provide an introduction to systems thinking and its connections to other effective instructional practices and organizational improvement efforts.

During the Institute, participants will:

– Develop skills and knowledge in the use of systems thinking concepts and strategies

– Experience, practice and discuss interactive, inquiry-based instructional and organizational improvement strategies

– Use systems thinking “tools” to analyze complex issues and identify high leverage interventions

– Identify and share a plan of application relevant to their work

  • Adaptive Leadership for Transformation Academy (2 days) | Feb 26 & March 5, 2018 | $400.00 Learn more and register HERE

Leadership is about the ways in which you think, question and take action. It also requires putting yourself on the line, disrupting the status quo, and working with hidden conflicts. And when people feel threatened by the loss that accompanies change, they take aim at the person pushing for change. As a result, leaders often get impacted both personally and professionally.

Join us for a 2-day professional learning academy where you’ll examine Adapative Leadership, a practical framework developed at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, for leading change, particularly during times of uncertainty or when there are no easy answers. You will unpack core themes through a racial equity lens and apply the principles and techniques of Adaptive Leadership.

Specifically, we will explore: 1) the sources and forms of danger in leadership, 2) diagnostic, strategic, and tactical responses to these dangers, and 3) how to thrive as you lead and manage complex organizational change.

Founder & Facilitators:

Marion Smith, Jr., EdD | Director, K-12 Learning, Leadership and Student Success

Nikum Pon, PhD | Director, Equity in Education

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