Special ESD pricing for Washington state schools to access the popular ProQuest, eLibrary Elementary, Culturegrams and World Conflicts Today online database products is available with a ProQuest membership subscription. These services are made possible by the Washington State Library and Washington’s nine regional ESDs.

Included Content
With your database subscription, you have access to both the ProQuest database, the eLibrary Elementary database and Culturegrams. ProQuest includes over 3,000 magazines and 4 Washington newspapers plus the New York Times and 350 additional newspapers. eLibrary has 147 different resources including books, magazines, maps, newspapers, pictures, TV and Radio Transcripts. All have resource websites with user guides, lesson plans, and activities. Culturegrams has concise, reliable and up-to-date reports on 182 cultures of the world including all 50 US States. World Conflicts Today explores protracted, unresolved world conflicts that have global implications.

To join, please contact Angela Bolam at 425-917-7901.

Renewal information will be emailed to the contact person on record (typically the Library or Technology Coordinator of each school district or private school) in April. If you do not receive one, contact Angela Bolam or Pam Bunker.

Pricing for 2018-19

$330 per building or $.27 per student FTE

After you receive the database renewal form, your school/district must email a completed form, along with purchase order and indicate whether you wish to be billed in July or October. Upon receipt of the renewal form and purchase order, we will issue an invoice in your requested month.

Accessing ProQuest
There are two methods available to access ProQuest:

  1. User ID/Password: You can access the databases by use of an ID and password. Once successfully authenticated, the User ID/password used will be stored in an encrypted cookie. Subsequent logins from that computer will not be prompted for a User ID/password.
  2. IP address Authentication: You can provide specific IP addresses and/or ranges of addresses employed by your users. The publisher will validate these users based on the provided address information. Users attempting to connect to eLibrary/CultureGrams/ProQuest/World Conflicts Today from these workstations will not see a login page.

All databases can be accessed remotely. To get your password, contact your district or building librarians. If he/she does not have it e-mail Angela Bolam.

Training is available by request.