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Highly Capable Program

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It is the goal of the Highly Capable Program (HCP) at PSESD to support administrators and teachers in the understanding of Highly Capable pedagogical development, assist with the alignment of the state guidelines, offer unique academic challenge for young learners identified as highly capable and provide learning opportunities for the development of learning programs for all students based on their needs.

Highly Capable Programming and Basic Education

The need to guide and support districts as staff identify and serve gifted students has intensified following a landmark change in Washington State’s Basic Education Act. In 2011, the Legislature acknowledged the need to widen capacity for the identification, delivery and evaluation of HCP services with state law RCW 28A 185.020, which codified the education of gifted and talented students as basic to a K-12 public education in Washington state.

Districts must define an educational program for highly capable students, and comply with specific program-related provisions that, integrated as a whole across the K-12 continuum, will deliver a comprehensive and equitable education for gifted and talented students.

The PSESD offers professional learning workshops three times per year with an annual convening with outside experts, i.e., University of Washington and Whitworth University.


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Dr. LaWonda Smith
Program Manager English Language Arts