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Expanded Learning

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Puget Sound Educational Service District is proud to offer these Expanded Learning opportunities for children in a supervised, safe and drug-free environment to students in our region.  We provide students and families with experiences outside of the classroom to accelerate academic success, increase social-emotional growth and develop meaningful community connections

21st Century Community Learning Centers

Puget Sound Educational Service District (PSESD) expanding learning programs serve qualifying elementary and middle school students through the Expanded Learning Programs, by providing academic and academically focused enrichment activities such as computer and digital photography clubs; math, science and reading clubs; team and leadership building activities; music, drama and art programs; and much more. Combining an academic atmosphere with a variety of high-interest activities has been found to be a key component in successful after school programs. Each program is tailored to meet the needs of its students and community and works in conjunction with other support services, extended library services and family oriented educational opportunities to help parents support their children’s academic success. You can be a positive influence in the lives of children. Students are in need of that extra helping hand to realize their full potential. There are many opportunities and levels of participation as partners, contributors, volunteers and presenters.  Share your expertise with learning opportunities for children and parents, donate supplies or become a community partner.


21st Century Community Learning Centers Page

Readiness To Learn

Readiness to Learn links families who live in unincorporated Pierce County to local resources for food, housing, health, family safety, employment, and aid in supporting children’s school success. Family issues such as poverty, mental illness, drug and alcohol use, homelessness and lack of knowledge of community resources present barriers to student success. Readiness to Learn services help parents support their children. Readiness to Learn provides outreach services to families of elementary school children who show signs of distress, poor attendance, tardiness or behavior problems, which are affecting their ability to learn. Our evaluation plan connects family support to school readiness and success, and has shown improved attendance, behavior and achievement. Services can be accessed through School Counselors, Family Support Generalists and at Family Support Centers. Services are free and voluntary with no income requirements.

District/Agency Partners:

Bethel School District
Peninsula School District
Puyallup School District
Sumner School District
White River School District