Expanded Learning

Puget Sound Educational Service District is proud to offer these Expanded Learning opportunities for children in a supervised, safe and drug-free environment to students in our region. We provide students and families with experiences outside of the classroom to accelerate academic success, increase social-emotional growth and develop meaningful community connections.

Afterschool Programs

Parents or guardians, please select the school your child currently attends or will be attending in the Fall 2021 school year. Please carefully review and complete the Online Registration Forms for your child’s school.

Kent School District:   Mill Creek Middle School  East Hill Elementary  Springbrook Elementary  Neely O'Brien Elementary  River Ridge Elementary

21st Century Community Learning Centers

Puget Sound Educational Service District (PSESD) expanding learning programs serve qualifying elementary and middle school students through the Expanded Learning Programs, by providing academic and academically focused enrichment activities such as computer and digital photography clubs; math, science and reading clubs; team and leadership building activities; music, drama and art programs; and much more. Combining an academic atmosphere with a variety of high-interest activities has been found to be a key component in successful after school programs. Each program is tailored to meet the needs of its students and community and works in conjunction with other support services, extended library services and family oriented educational opportunities to help parents support their children’s academic success. You can be a positive influence in the lives of children. Students are in need of that extra helping hand to realize their full potential. There are many opportunities and levels of participation as partners, contributors, volunteers and presenters.  Share your expertise with learning opportunities for children and parents, donate supplies or become a community partner.

View the 2020-21 21st CCLC Report
For more information, visit our 21st Century Community Learning Centers Page

The Principles That Guide Our Culture and our commitment to becoming an Anti-Racist, Multi-Cultural Organization is the established values-based framework of Puget Sound Educational Service District (PSESD). We hold each other accountable to sustaining these Principles to meet the Agency END: Success for Each Child and Eliminate the Opportunity Gap.

In service of reaching our goals, the agency has chosen to “Lead with Racial Equity” in order to eliminate racial inequities that impact student achievement and implement strategies that result in racially equitable outcomes. Expanded Learning Programs strive in racial equity opportunities. Our staff participate in caucusing, inter-racial dialogue, and racial equity competency trainings. 

As Racial Equity Advocates (recognizes, supports, and engages in dismantling institutional racism. Partners with, and is accountable to stakeholders, including children, families, and communities of color) and with a Racial Equity Mindset (demonstrates awareness of biases, internalized racial superiority and oppression. Leads with a racial equity lens and actively uses the racial equity tool in meaningful ways) we work with our families, students and diverse partners in collaboration to uphold our commitment to leading with racial equity.