Street Data Resources in Reflective Action

The purpose of this library is to make learning public and embrace vulnerability as we - PSESD’s System & School Improvement Team and partner networks - move through equity transformation cycles, radically reimagining what is possible for students and educators in the margins.


Our Why:
We believe students and educators at the margins are our moral compasses for what we say we believe about equity. We commit to listen deeply without boomeranging into past practice. We choose the margins as the starting point for our data conversations - the quiet places where the hopes, dreams, and stories of those most impacted by systemic racism live.

(Adapted from Safir & Dugan (2021), Street Data)

our why

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We thank Shane Safir & Jamila Dugan for their brilliance, coaching, & permissions to apply and advance their original ideas for this repository. We also thank our school & district partners, as well as our system and school improvement colleagues in engaging in the shared learning of “the how,” “the why,” and the “what” of street data.  Most of all, we are grateful for the students and adults in the margins who have shared their lived experiences via street data, as we collectively reimagine forward.