Success For Each Child & Eliminate the Opportunity Gap by Leading with Racial Equity

System and School Improvement


Welcome to System and School Improvement at Puget Sound Educational Service District (Puget Sound ESD). In collaboration with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) Office of System and School Improvement (OSSI), we partner with OSPI school leadership and instructional coaches to support approximately 60 state-identified Priority and Focus Schools.

Our Core Work: To improve educator and school leader practice through the development of courageous leadership and transformational teaching for learning, anchored in leading for and with racial equity, resulting in improved student achievement in Priority and Focus schools. To accomplish our Core Work, we work with school leadership teams to

  • examine ways they may effectively increase educator capacity, improve student achievement, and close opportunity and achievement gaps;
  • use the Indistar action planning tool created by the Center on Innovation and Improvement to assess, create, implement, monitor, and revise their Student and School Success Action Plans; and
  • utilize Indistar to integrate their Title I Schoolwide Plan or Targeted Assistance Plan with their Student and School Success Action Plan.

2017-2018 System & School Improvement | Regional Improvement Network Team:

ESD Lead: Dr. Marion Smith, Jr.

OSPI Lead Coaches: Dr. Gloria Mitchell, Leslie Rose

OSPI Leadership Coaches: Dottie Burrell, Dr. Angela Brooks-Rallins, Jamie Huizinga, Rob Lang, Dr. Carol Logan, Marsha Moore, Bill Rossman, Lee Smith, Sally Sundberg, Bruce Walton, Dorothy Woods

OSPI Instructional Coaches: Dr. Bella Bikowsky, Dr. Marie Fisher, Dr. Lori Lynass, Trinh Pham, Dr. Maggie Schulze, Janet Zombro

Additional Coaches: Gayle EverlyCarolyn Lint, Michael Merrin, Janelle Newman, Jim Rudsit, Tamara Shannon-Wright, Dr. Bridget Walker

Regional Improvement Network (RIN):

In collaboration with the OSSI, Puget Sound ESD implements our Regional Improvement Networks (RINs) focused on ensuring aligned support around Transformational Teaching for Learning, Courageous Leadership, and Sustainability in identified Priority and Focus Schools and their districts. RINs are led and facilitated by the ESD Lead and OSPI Lead Coaches. The RIN meets regularly during scheduled meetings that occur within the region.

2017-2018 RIN Meeting Schedule:

August 1-3, 2017 (Statewide Kick-Off & Convening Sessions | ESD 123 – Pasco, WA)

September 20, 2017 

October 18, 2017 

November 14-15, 2017 (Statewide Convening | ESD 105 – Yakima, WA)

January 17, 2018 

February 21, 2018 

March 13-14, 2018 (Statewide Convening | Puget Sound ESD – Renton, WA)<CANCELED>

April 18, 2018 

May 16, 2018 

June 20, 2018 (Statewide Convening | ESD 112 – Vancouver, WA)

Meetings are held at Puget Sound ESD (Unless otherwise stated) | 8:30am-3:00pm.

Regional Outreach

Twice a year, we convene district and school leadership teams from all 35 school districts within the Puget Sound ESD service area for a day of professional learning. These meetings are designed to deepen participant understanding of regional initiatives and supports, and how these relate to the work of serving identified schools.

Fall Outreach: September 27, 2017

Spring Outreach | Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) & Washington School Improvement Framework (WSIF) : April 3, 2018 (Outreach #1)    |   May 14, 2018 (Outreach #2- Repeat Session)

Professional Learning Opportunities

A list of targeted professional learning opportunities and technical assistance (Menu of Services) provided by Puget Sound ESD available to state-identified Priority & Focus schools:

ESSA Spring Outreach 2018- Leadership Lab (Session 1: April 3, 2018 | Session 2: May 14, 2018)

Adaptive Leadership for Transformation Academy

Winter/Spring 2018 Professional Learning Series

Menu of Services (2016-2017)

Coaching and Leading for Racial Equity Institute (2016-2017)

Arts Impact

Highly Capable Network

Math Support

Racial Equity

Safety Services

Special Education

Stay Woke! Critical Race Theory in Education Intro Seminar (Parts 1 & 2) 

Systems Thinking in Schools Institute

WaKIDS & Full Day Kindergarten

Additional Resources and Supports

Looking for additional resources? Visit the OSPI Office of System and School Improvement webpage:


Schoolwide Program – Title I, Part A



Dr. Marion Smith, Jr. | Director
K-12 Learning, Leadership & Student Success