Paraeducator Program

School District Online Paraeducator FCS Package

The Paraeducator Fundamental Course of Study (FCS) is the foundational training to the required Paraeducator Certificate program. The FCS is comprised of four learning areas, containing 12 units total and several learning objectives in each [FCS Unit Outline]. School districts are required to provide four days (28 hours) of training on the Fundamental Course of Study to their paraeducators. More information can be found here.

School districts can purchase access to all 12 FCS units. The Canvas course allows districts to train all of their paraeducators in a way that best accommodates their district schedule. Contact for pricing and access information.

Paraeducator Competency Trainings

The Paraeducator Program offers the regional introductory level training for competencies 12 and 14 on a limited basis. Training for competencies 1-6, 7-11 & 13 are available at for subscribing districts. provides a cost-effective way to provide around-the-clock-access to high quality training for paraeducators and the teachers with whom they work. The site provides tools and information to help districts meet paraeducator requirements. PLEASE NOTE: The Competency Trainings below DO NOT count towards the Fundamental Course of Study.  Clock hours from the Competency trainings MAY count towards the Para General Certificate.  Paraeducators will need to check with their district if a training can count towards their requirement. 

Services and Competency Trainings

  • Competencies 1-6
  • Competencies 7-11 & 13
  • Literacy Strategies for Paraeducators
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Paraeducator Mentoring Program
  • Paraeducator Handbook

For more information, please contact Angela Bolam at

ETS ParaPro Assessment – PSESD no longer offers the Para Assessment Test. Please visit the ETS ParaProAssessment website for information: