Supporting our Immigrant & Refugee Students

The Puget Sound Educational Service District has a board approved END or vision of Success for Each Child and Eliminate the Opportunity Gap by Leading with Racial Equity. In the wake of executive orders issued restricting immigration, we recognize many students have been impacted by these new restrictions. We also recognize that many more students may be fearful for the safety of their families and may come to their teachers and administrators seeking support or answers to questions. Below you will find resources to help you support students and families. While we recognize that some staff members may also be impacted and have questions, we encourage district employees to first contact their central office staff for support.

Additionally, in September 2017, the PSESD Board of Directors passed a Resolution in Support of Immigration and Refugee Students and Families.

OneAmerica Community Resource Directory

Access to Health Care, Food, and Other Public Programs for Immigrant Families, from the National Immigration Law Center

Immigration Legal Services:

General Legal Services Resources:

Reporting Harassment/Bullying/Discrimination:

  • ACLU collecting information about instances at schools:
  • Hate crimes/Harassment/Discrimination against Muslim community members:
  • Seattle Times Immigrant Rights Hotline
    • A new hotline for reporting enforcement activity, allows “rapid response” teams to check out rumors as they are happening. This hotline will also track improper behavior by immigration officials.
      • 1-844-RAID-REP or 1-844-724-3737
    • Seattle Times article

Discrimination in employment, housing, others:

Resources on Obtaining U.S. Citizenship:

Resources on Public Benefits for Immigrants:

Resources on Educational Opportunities for Undocumented Students:

Resources on General Immigration Policy / Advocacy

Resources on Workers’ Rights:

Resources for Survivors of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Other Crimes:

Resources for ICE Policies on Sensitive Locations

California Equity Leadership Alliance

  • A toolkit of resources for educators to support immigrant students and families: toolkit was created in consultation with various groups and organizations and it is not meant to be comprehensive. Within the toolkit one can find classroom tools and strategies, fact sheets, guides and legal resources, sample resolutions, and social/emotional support resources. This toolkit is intended to help educators, school support staff, administrators, school board members, and other education stakeholders better understand, talk about, and support California’s immigrant students and families.

Local Resources/Language Supporting Immigrant Rights
Immigrant Rights Resource List