Equity in Education

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The Principles That Guide Our Culture and our commitment to becoming an Anti-Racist, Multi-Cultural Organization is the established values-based framework of Puget Sound Educational Service District (PSESD). We hold each other accountable to sustaining these Principles to meet the Agency END: Success for Each Child and Eliminate the Opportunity Gap.

In service of reaching our goals, the agency has chosen to “Lead with Racial Equity” in order to eliminate racial inequities that impact student achievement and implement strategies that result in racially equitable outcomes.  The PSESD has developed the Equity in Education department to work collaboratively with our regional partners to provide each and every student with equitable access to educational opportunities by enhancing and supporting racially equitable and culturally responsive approaches among staff, students, parents and communities. We believe that the development of these approaches and systems will contribute to creating strong, educational systems and academics for every student.

The following menu is a list of services we provide to our district and educational partners:

Leadership Coaching for Equity:  Leading change initiatives within organizations is often challenging for staff, administrators, directors and superintendents.  Training and  Coaching can  be provided to build leadership capacity for district leaders to “champion” and advocate for system reforms with a key focus on strategic approaches to communication and program development.

Professional Development for Equity:  Professional development opportunities can be made available to teachers, building principals and other staff.  The focus of the staff development will be tailored to meet the needs and goals of the building or district.  The project’s professional development will be designed to specifically focus on racial equity issues and cultural responsiveness.

Equity Advisory Committee Development: PSESD staff can support the development of Equity Advisory Committees in districts/buildings for the purposes of implementing district equity strategies and plans at building, district and community levels.

Data Coaching for Equity: District staff can be supported by PSESD Data Coaches to utilize the cycle of inquiry, various data protocols and strategies in program development, decision-making, policy development and different approaches to service delivery. Data coaching will be designed to develop capacity to eliminate racial inequities that impede student achievement.

Racial Equity Tool Implementation:  Utilizing the city of Seattle’s Racial Equity Tool, which has been adapted by PSESD, educational partners will be able to develop and/or review policies, practices and programs, that result in increasing racial equity.  Through use of this tool, the voices of stakeholders from communities of color are considered and encouraged and result in the creation of systems that incorporate racial equity best practices.  PSESD staff will provide guidance and assistance in the use of the PSESD Racial Equity Tool.