Annual Financial Statements

Form F-196

Form F-196 is the official document used to report annual financial statements for Washington public school districts. This form must be submitted to OSPI. All school districts must prepare and file their annual financial statements as prescribed under WAC 392-117-035 and be in accordance with the Accounting Manual for Public School Districts in the State of Washington.

The procedure for submitting school district annual financial statements is similar to the budget and budget extension process. When the F-196 data submitted to the ESD has passed the review process, the ESD will notify OSPI School Financial Services. The supervisor of School District/ESD Financial Reporting will perform the final review of the data online for each school district before filing and/or approval. The ESD fiscal officer or assistant fiscal officer will be notified if there are problems associated with the submission.

The ESD will then forward official notification and documentation of filing and/or approval to the school district.

Time Schedule for Annual Financial Statement

WAC 392-117-035

The time schedule for preparation and submission of the F-196:

Date Action
October 25 Final date for submission of completed F-196 data from the school district to the local ESD. The data will be submitted on the F-196 manual form and/or be electronically transmitted.For districts not submitting by the October 25 due date, the ESD has the authority to allow extra time for submission. At ESD discretion, an extension date can be set with the school district. If this extension date is not met, the supervisor of School District/ESD Financial Reporting at OSPI will begin preparing paperwork to withhold apportionment. The ESD may request a wavier by e-mail or written note to the supervisor of School District/ESD Financial Reporting.
November 1 Final date for ESD to review and forward the certification page back to the school district for signature.
November 8 The signed certification page is due from the school district to the ESD
Final Action Date
November 15 Final date the signed certification page by the ESD is due at OSPI School Financial Services.