K-20 Network Support

Puget Sound ESD Agency Technology manages all aspects of ESD-level K-20 support for school constituents falling within the Puget Sound Educational Service District.

K-20 is one of the first statewide educational networks in the country. This network is used for both data communication and interactive videoconferencing for connecting educators and students to each other, whether they are across the state or around the world. Explore some of the online resources below for further information:


K-20 Data/Video Support

Technical support for the K-20 Network within K-12 is primarily provided by Institutional Technical Units (ITUs), either regionally at the Educational Service District level (Regional ITUs), or at the school district level (School District ITUs). Network Services provides K-20 RITU support for all districts within the Puget Sound ESD Region. RITU staff consists of people with a broad set of technical skills with significant expertise in the operation and maintenance of networks, workstations, and video systems. RITUs can help districts sufficiently isolate a problem to determine if it is a K-20 caused event or internal network problem. When network problems are caused by K-20, the RITU will work as a liaison between the district and KOCO (K-20 Operations Cooperative) entities to quickly resolve network problems. When network problems are found to be internal, districts have the option to contract with Network Services to assist in resolution.


For K-20 internet connectivity support contact:
Email:  k20Support@psesd.org
Phone: 425-917-7688