Flash Alert

To get emergency and or closure information sent directly to your phone and email notification:

Sign up for FlashAlert

There are three ways that employees can be notified through FlashAlert Messenger. 

  • The first is the email address(es) subscribed.
  • The second is to download the FlashAlert Messenger app and link it to the web account. Then emergency messages will be pushed to the phone in mere moments. (Much faster than text messages).
  • Download Flash Alert Messenger through iOS or Android
    • Subscribe to get emergencies through text messaging (under Add Subscription). This should only be used by people who don’t have smart phones and can use the app as it is slower. There are instructions on the website about how to enter a text message phone number.
Flash Alert App Screenshot

You must renew your account each year.  Flash Alert will send two notifications in the summer, at which time, you will be receive those email notifications and be prompted to login and update your account for the upcoming year.  When you renew/update your account, you must select all ways you wish to receive the notifications for the upcoming year because they will not auto-renew.

The Flash Alert team advises that you should periodically log in and out of your account to keep it alive.