pdEnroller Overview

Once you have activated your pdEnroller account, login at the top right of the page and the screen will open to a listing of events being offered. Features of this page include:

  1. Event number
  2. Start date
  3. Partner (Sponsoring Agency)
  4. Event title
  5. Price
  6. Registration status – notice that the color changes with different statuses
  7. Calendar view – toggle between a list of Events or a Calendar view
  8. Search events – search by any term
  9. View more – move to the next page of Events or to see more on a Calendar day
  10. Choose Region - click here to select just events offered in the PSESD region.
Graphic of pdEnroller Homepage


Click on the title of an event to learn more about it, then click the Register Now button to be taken to the registration page. The name of the person who is logged in will automatically be filled in under Attendees. To enroll other people, click the Add Person button. You may register anyone who has an account on pdEnroller. Note: For district personnel who want to register others but not be registered themselves, add the other users then click the Remove button by your name. This will allow you to register a group of people and pay for all at once. No special permissions are needed.

Graphic to show registering for an event.

Verify that all information is correct, then click Next Step to complete the registration. If there is a fee to register, you will be asked to enter your payment information. A confirmation email will be sent upon completion of your registration.


To see a list of the events for which you have registered, click on your first name at the top right of the page and pull down to "My Events".

Graphic to show where to find Your Events

Upcoming and Past Events will be listed on the Attending tab. All your registrations for events (including cancellations) are listed on the All Registrations tab.

  1. The Event Page button will contain announcements, agenda and any files or web links that the instructor has uploaded for the class. There is also a link to email the event’s registrar.
  2. The Confirmation button takes you to your registration confirmation page.
  3. If the Cancel Registration button is live, you can cancel your own registration to the event.
Graphic of your events



To view your pdEnroller account, click on your first name at the top right of the page and then your full name in the drop-down menu.

Graphic to show where to find your account.


On the left, under My Account, will be a menu of account features. These are also listed in the drop-down menu when you click on your name in the upper right corner.

Graphic to show features available in your account.



To report a bug or make a suggestion for website improvement, look for the Submit Feedback link at the bottom of each page on this site. Choose Support, Bug or Suggestion. And if you are having trouble with a particular page of the site, copy and paste the web address (URL) in the form.

Graphic of Website Support box.