Claim & Pay for Clock Hours in pdEnroller

  1. To claim PSESD clock hours, you will need the Clock Hour Claim Code provided by the event sponsor at the event. If you did not receive or misplaced your Clock Hour Claim Code, contact the event sponsor and request the code.  Note: clock hours can only be claimed after the event has concluded.
  2. Go to and follow the pdEnroller Onboarding Process.
  3. After logging in, go to
  4. Enter the Clock Hour Claim Code and click ”Find Event” (See graphic below).
    Claim my clock hours direction image
  5. Enter the number of hours you are requesting. Agree to the affidavit by clicking the box to the left of, “I swear/affirm that I earned…..”  Click “Submit Clock Hours.”  The clock hours will initially be recorded as ‘Unverified’ (see #6 below).
    claim my clock hours direction 2 image
  6. The last step is the Inservice Registration overview. Under the Clock Hour Checklist, complete the event survey, confirm your profile, and pay for your clock hours. The clock hour fee is $3.00 per clock hour, $15.00 minimum fee, per person, per event.  After your attendance has been verified by Puget Sound ESD, the event will appear on your clock hour transcript at:   PSESD aims to verify attendance within 30 days after the event sponsor uploads the sign in sheet(s) into pdEnroller. 
    Claim my clock hours direction 3 image
  7. Puget Sound ESD retains clock hour records for the required seven calendar years. All prior clock hour records have been purged by our office and will no longer appear on your transcript. To document PSESD clock hours older than 7 years, please use the clock hour transcript(s) from that time, or the pink copy of your clock hour request form.  Participants need to keep their own permanent clock hour documentation as per WAC 181-85-085.  Puget Sound ESD does not add clock hours from other providers to your PSESD clock hour transcript.
  8. Email with questions.