Clock Hours for Participants

Is your clock hour account up to date?

Did you recently change districts? Did your email configuration change? If you answered yes to either of these questions, your pdEnroller account profile needs updating. Consider adding your EDS login email as either your primary or secondary email in pdEnroller to provide a seamless connection between the two systems.  Contact OSPI for EDS questions.

Who can use clock hours?

Washington state educator clock hours are used for salary advancement by some employers and for certificate maintenance.  Contact your employer regarding using clock hours for salary advancement.  Contact OSPI’s Certification office to determine if your certificate requires clock hours at: (360) 725-6400,,  or

Clock Hour Transcripts

  • Puget Sound ESD retains clock hour records for the required seven calendar years. All prior clock hour records have been purged by our office and will no longer appear on your transcript. To document PSESD clock hours older than 7 years, you may use the clock hour transcript(s) from that time, or the pink copy of your clock hour request form.  Attendees need to keep their own permanent clock hour documentation as per WAC 181-85-085
  • Puget Sound ESD does not add clock hours from other providers to your PSESD clock hour transcript.
  • Access your transcript by clicking ‘Access and Print Your Clock Hour Transcript’ in the menu to the left, or by clicking here.

Verify this Transcript with Your Own Records

  • If you have clock hour request forms (or other clock hour documentation) for events not on this transcript, please look at each clock hour document to determine what agency provided those clock hours. The clock hour “provider” is listed at the top of the form. Contact that provider with questions regarding those clock hours.

Clock Hour Fee

  • Clock hours are $3.00 per clock hour with a $15.00 minimum per person per event.