Submit a clock hour proposal for a conference WITH concurrent/breakout sessions

Clock Hour Services provides transcripts, evaluations, evaluation summaries, official Washington state educator clock hour documentation for individuals, as well as guidance and instructions to assist conference sponsors to offer clock hours.  After a conference has been approved for clock hours, an email will be sent, to the contact who submitted the proposal, containing instructions and information to administer clock hours at the conference.  Please allow 30 days for conference approval

PLEASE NOTE: Puget Sound ESD has instituted a clock hour proposal submission fee.  The fee applies to training providers submitting clock hour proposals through pdEnroller who are not K-12 schools.  The fee for conferences with breakout/concurrent sessions is $150.00 for each day of the conference.  There are many proposals which never have clock hours claimed. This fee helps to cover the cost of the time and effort that goes into processing, reviewing and approving the proposal. Click here for the proposal submission fee agreement for CONFERENCES and instructions. Please be advised the signed completed agreement is REQUIRED to be received by upon submission of each proposal. 

If your event does NOT have concurrent/breakout sessions (attendees will be together during the event) go to the following link to propose clock hours: Submit a Proposal for a Face to Face Event

Instructions to propose clock hours for a conference (an event WITH concurrent/breakout sessions) are below:  

  1. complete clock hour proposal must be received by PSESD using pdEnroller a minimum of 30 days prior to the first day of the conference.
  2. Prepare electronically in ONE document (to later upload into your proposal):
    • Conference agenda showing session dates and times
    • A short description of every session including presenter, date(s) and time(s) each session occurs
    • A list containing all presenters, their title and employer
  3. Conferences approved for clock hours must be a minimum of 1 hour. Meal times and breaks cannot be included in calculating the number of clock hours requested.
  4. Clock hours are offered in half hour increments. For example: A conference lasting 3 hours and 45 minutes is eligible for 3 hours and 30 minutes clock hours.
  5. Approval cannot be granted for staff meetings.
  6. All acronyms used to complete the clock hour proposal are required to be defined.
  7. Each conference approved for clock hours is evaluated by clock hour attendees using the pdEnroller online evaluation.
  8. The sponsor/organization requesting clock hour approval is responsible for administering clock hours at the conference.
  9. A complete proposal must be received for each conference, regardless of the conference being approved in the past.
  10. Clock hour fees are paid by attendees registering for clock hours, and are $3.00 per clock hour, $15.00 minimum fee per person.
  11. Online Instruction:  If you are proposing clock hours for a conference occurring online, you will need to follow the instructions below and complete the ‘Online Class Requirements’ tab of the proposal.  Please email questions to
  12. Puget Sound ESD reserves the right to have a representative from Puget Sound ESD attend any event which has received clock hour approval from this agency. The representative shall attend free of all fees and charges related to the event.
  13. Puget Sound ESD no longer accepts clock hour proposals in hard copy (paper) form. See instructions below to complete and submit a clock hour proposal at:
  14. Email with questions.


Submit a Clock Hour Proposal in pdEnroller

1. Begin Here

Go to and follow the onboarding process.  Log in and go to

If you see a box indicating, “No committee selected,” you have not gone to the above link

2. New Clock Hour Proposal

Click the radio button to select, ‘PSESD Clock Hour Committee – A PRE-SCREENING PSESD.’  Click “Create New Proposal” or “Repeat Past Proposal” to submit a proposal to Puget Sound ESD.  To use “Repeat Past Proposal,” you need the previous clock hour class number (SE_ _ _ _) from an event previously approved using pdEnroller.  After logging in, you will find your previously approved clock hours at:  A complete proposal must be submitted for each event, and for each subsequent offering of the same event.

clock hour proposal direction image


3. Title and Subtitle

Enter the conference title then click “Save & Continue.”   *required fields

clock hour proposal direction image 2


4. Description and Documented Need

Enter your conference description.  Use the editing tools to format your description.  Click the ? icon to learn more about the editing tools.  Use the optional “Documented Need” box to indicate the professional goals or needs your conference meets.  Click the green “Save” text box at the bottom of the screen when you have completed this page.

clock hour proposal direction image 3


5. Tabs

Note the tabs across the top of the webpage. Work through these tabs in any order.  Click “Save” before moving to another tab.  After completing the proposal, click “Preview” to determine if anything is missing.

clock hour proposal direction image 4


6. Hours/Objectives

Under Hours/Objectives, enter the number of clock hours you are requesting. Break(s) and meal time(s) are not eligible for clock hours.  SU, SPU and STARS fields are for advertising/informational purposes only.  Click “Edit Objectives” and enter three or more objectives to your proposal (what attendees will learn and/or be able to do as a result of this conference).

clock hour proposal direction image 5

To add more than three objectives, click the “+Add Objective” at the bottom of the dialog box. Click “Save” when you are finished

clock hour proposal direction image 6


7. STEM, Equity, Educational Leadership & SEL Clock Hours

IF you are applying for STEM, Equity, Educational Leadership and/or Social Emotional Learning clock hours, complete the respective form shown under the Hours/Objectives tab.  Click “Save” at the bottom of the screen when you have completed this page.

8. Date/Location

Use the drop-down menu labeled “Primary Location” to choose the location of your conference. When you select a location, the address auto-fills.  If your location isn’t listed, select “PSESD Region” or “Other” and complete the details.

clock hour proposal direction image 7


9. Adding Sessions

Puget Sound ESD must receive a complete conference proposal a minimum of 30 days days prior to the first day of the conference to be eligible for clock hours.  Conference dates inside the 30 day deadline are not eligible for clock hour approval.   Click “Add On-Site Session” to add conference dates and times.  If applicable, click on “Add Online Session” to add online instruction dates and times to your proposal. Click “Save” after entering each session. Repeat this step to add additional dates/times to your conference.  When you have added all sessions, click “Save”.

clock hour proposal direction image 8


10. Agenda

Click on ‘Add Agenda’ and upload the (one) document containing the conference agenda showing session dates and times, a short description of every session including presenter, date(s) and time(s) each sessions occurs and a list containing all presenters, their titles and employers.  When you have uploaded the document, click “save in the lower left.  More than one document cannot be uploaded to your proposal. 

clock hour proposal direction image 9


11. Presenters

Click “+ Add Presenter”.  Start typing the first name then last name of the conference coordinator. If the person has an account, their name will appear on the left. Click on the name from the list on the left. If the coordinator’s name does not appear, click “+ Create New” and create an account for the conference coordinator.  In the ‘Professional Experience’ text box indicate, “This person is the coordinator for this conference.”  If you add a coordinator/presenter name in error, click on the persons name (a link), scroll down and click on “Remove From Proposal” on the bottom right.

clock hour proposal direction image 10


12. Online Class Requirements

Leave blank for in-person/face to face events.  Complete this tab, and the participation and verification of hours text boxes, then click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the webpage.

If the event (or part of the event) includes online instruction, you will need to go here for instructions: Submit a Clock Hour Proposal for an Online Class.

13. Contacts

If you are entering clock hours for someone else, enter their name as the “Administrator Contact.” If you are the person requesting clock hours, complete your contact information as the “Administrator Contact.”  The person logged in will automatically be filled in under “Your Contact Info,” but you can edit this info.  Please note: all messages regarding this proposal and administering clock hours at the conference will be sent to the email address provided in “Your Contact Info.”  Click the green “Save” button when you have completed this page.

clock hour proposal direction image 11


14. Preview Clock Hour Proposal

After you have completed the proposal, click the “Preview” tab to preview your proposal.  The “Preview” tab is where you will be alerted if any information is missing.  To edit proposal, click on “Proposal Drafts” at the bottom of the “Validation Checklist.”

clock hour proposal direction image 12


15. Validation Checklist & Submit for Approval

Once the validation checklist is complete, the “Submit for Approval” button is active. Click to submit your clock hour proposal for approval.  If you do not click the "Submit for Approval," the proposal is NOT eligible for clock hours. 

clock hour proposal direction image 13