Print or Upload Completed Sign In Sheets From your Event

BEFORE uploading sign in sheets/training rosters, be CERTAIN the attendance records you’re submitting are CORRECT.  PdEnroller records are uploaded to the state E-Cert system NIGHTLY.  Educator salaries and certification depend on you indicating their attendance correctly.

Log in to  Pull down under your name to ‘My Presentations’ or ‘My Events’ (see graphic below).

Print instruction image

My Presentations/Events

Choose your event from the ‘Upcoming Presentations’/’Upcoming Events’ list by clicking on the title.  You will be taken to the ‘Manage Events’ screen.

Print instruction image 2

Print Sign-In Sheets

On the left side of the window click on ‘Reports.’ 


Then click on ‘Event Sign-In Sheets,’ and choose the format you prefer to download – an Excel sheet, or in Word, which can be better suited for signatures. You may need to make additional copies of the sign in sheet(s) for your event.


Upload Completed Sign-In Sheets

Immediately following your event, scan* the completed sign in sheet(s) in one scan if possible.  Log into your account on   Pull down under your name to ‘My Presentations’ or ‘My Events’ to find your past event.   Click on the event title.  On the left menu, click “Upload Sign-In Sheets.”  Click on ‘Select File’ to upload sign in sheets.  PLEASE NOTE:  If your event had over 100 attendees, please upload a scan of the final reconciled registration listing, sorted alpha by last name, in lieu of the actual sign in sheets.


If your training is an ongoing training occurring over a number of days/weeks/months, you will need to upload an Excel spreadsheet in lieu of actual sign in sheets as per example:


*There are many scanning app’s such as CamScanner available for smart phones.