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PSESD Releases Report to the Community Highlighting Agency’s Work Leading with Racial Equity While Responding to Regional Needs in the Pandemic

Puget Sound Educational Service District (PSESD) has released its annual Report to the Community highlighting the agency’s work in the 2020-2021 school year in service of its End, Success for Each Child and Eliminate the Opportunity Gap by Leading With Racial Equity

PSESD works as an agency and with partners to support racially just and equitable school systems geared towards positively impacting student outcomes. Measures of Progress are used to identify and affirm priorities that merit strategic advancement as well as to determine whether, and how, these priorities are working toward supporting racially just and equitable school systems, and thereby, impacting student outcomes.

“Our Report to the Community demonstrates how we are anchoring our work in accountability and transparency,” explains PSESD Superintendent John Welch. “Our Measures of Progress towards achieving our end were developed as a means of holding ourselves accountable for achieving racially equitable outcomes and living our goal of being an Antiracist Multicultural Organization.”

The 2021 report features examples of transformative solutions to achieve race equity through programs implemented in partnership with local districts, counties, community organizations, and philanthropic foundations.  The Diverse Educator Milestones and Pathways program, including our Regional Retention Program for Educators of Color, are two examples of PSESD collaborations working for systemic change to advance racial equity.  The featured programs also reflect cumulative learnings during this pandemic year and how the ESD has worked to support our districts and communities. 

The interactive, web-based report can be viewed in full at https://rtc2021.psesd.org/.   



The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination 

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