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King County Announces Recipients of King County Promise

Advancing Equitable Access to Education through King County Promise

Renton, WA— May 20, 2022 —King County Department of Human and Community Services (DCHS) and PSCCN announced the recipients of the King County Promise. The two partnerships selected include: Highline Promise Partnership which is a team comprised of Highline College, Highline Public Schools, Becoming a Man (of Southwest Youth and Family Services), Northwest Education Access. The second recipient is Promise to Community (PtC) Partnership, which is a partnership between Renton Technical College, Northwest Education Access, Congolese Integration Network, Centro Rendu (of St Vincent de Paul).

“I just want to express deep gratitude to the community, including students, educators, advocates, schools, leaders and more whose work is represented in the King County Promise and who helped us reach this milestone. PSCCN looks forward to continuing our collaboration and our journey towards postsecondary system transformation and success.” said Mercy Daramola, Director Postsecondary Success at PSCCN.  After more than four years of co-developed work, PSCCN and the King County Department of Human and Community Services (DCHS) are ready to welcome the two partnerships for the first phase of the King County Promise, a program model designed to develop a comprehensive student support model, helping historically underserved young people to obtain postsecondary credentials.

KCP is a public-private partnership engaging local K-12 school districts, Community Based Organizations (CBO), and Community and Technical Colleges (CTC). These entities will work together in partnership to implement the student support model, which is enabled and sustained through system-building improvements.

Community Impact

Many students and community members have been eagerly anticipating the King County Promise. King County Promise took the efforts of hundreds of King County students, parents, educators and system leaders who made the dream of a college education possible. King County Promise will enable King County students the opportunity to pursue a college education as part of a vision for more equitable, accessible and supported postsecondary access and success. “We have intentionally built a promise partnership team that is grounded in equitable program practices and passionate about serving diverse, marginalized, gifted and resilient students”  said the Highline Promise Partnership proposal.

“Given the inequities baked into so many of our systems, it is essential that the lived experience of our young people are reflected in this partnership.” said the Promise to Community Partnership proposal. “PtC has prioritized including community-embedded partners who reflect the young people we serve.”

For more information on King County Promise:

If you have any questions regarding the King County Promise program model and the long-term vision, please contact Mercy Daramola at KingCountyPromise@psesd.org and/or check out the King County Promise FAQs



Observing Wounded Knee Day

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Celebrating Native American Heritage in November

With over 9 million Native Americans in the United States today, from over 500 different federally recognized tribes, and with 29 of those tribes within the state of Washington. PSESD is proud to have the opportunity to celebrate Native American Heritage Month (also known as American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month) and pay tribute to the diversity, rich ancestry and traditions of Native Americans in our districts. 

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