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Honoring our Principals and School Leaders for National Principals Month

"Show me a great school and I’ll show you a great principal," said former Washington state Governor Chris Gregoire in 2009 — and today, those words are truer than ever. 

October is National Principals Month — a rich opportunity that gives all of us a full month in which to celebrate, recognize, and honor the often tireless work of the principals and school leaders who oversee and support teachers and students alike. 

The Association of Washington School Principals (AWSP) recently noted the vital importance of school leadership—that it matters and has always mattered. But only now, they point out, are we waking up as a system to “the incredibly important role school principals and assistant principals play in creating school culture, building the systems that support that culture, and leading the ongoing learning for everyone in the school community." 

While their jobs are often narrowly associated with disciplining students or teachers, school principals are much more about the positive, and they impact the success and well-being of their schools each and every day. The best school principals and leaders set the tone, create, and shape the school culture, inspire, and manage students and teachers, and work to meet critical educational milestones. The lasting legacy of the best schools is also the legacy of the great principals who guided and shaped their success. 

With this in mind, please join us to celebrate the hard work of school principals throughout the month of October and reach out to thank them for their leadership and support! 

For more information, check out the following useful links: 

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