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Committing to a More Peaceful World While Commemorating Hiroshima Day

As a haunting reminder of the destructive power of the atomic bomb, August 6 is Hiroshima Day, when the city of Hiroshima holds the Peace Memorial Ceremony to mourn and commemorate the victims of the detonation of the atomic bomb in that city by the United States on August 6, 1945.

The bombing of Hiroshima instantly killed almost 80,000 people and resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands more afterward from radiation exposure. While the day is honored annually in Hiroshima itself before the Memorial Cenotaph in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, it has also become an annual day of mourning worldwide, as well as an opportunity to commit to a more peaceful world. Nagasaki Day is also commemorated in similar fashion annually on August 9.

Learn more about this day in history and experience art, photos, and stories of some of the survivors in this archived webinar from the United Nations for last year’s commemoration here.


Striving for a Better World with the International Day of Peace

Created by the United Nations in 1981, the International Day of Peace takes place on September 21. The 2023 theme is “Actions for Peace: Our Ambition for the #GlobalGoals.” It’s a call to action that recognizes humanity’s individual and collective responsibility to foster peace, which contributes to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which would create a culture of peace for all.

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Slavery Remembrance Day

Created by UNESCO to memorialize the horrors of the transatlantic slave trade, Slavery Remembrance Day, also known as International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition, is observed on August 23 worldwide. Upon this day, it's important that we remember that this observance is not only a reminder of the horrors of slavery as we honor its victims—it's also about our dedication across the globe to ensure that slavery, and the racism that caused it, is abolished once and for all.

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Buffalo Soldiers’ Day

Commemorating the formation of the first Army regiments to include Black Soldiers, Buffalo Soldiers' Day is celebrated annually on July 28, honoring the courageous achievements of over 180,000 Black soldiers, many of whom were enslaved people, who fought bravely with the Union during the Civil War.

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