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Puget Sound Educational Service District is seeking a diverse group of representatives who are committed to racial equity, to consider becoming members of the PSESD Board of Directors.


Puget Sound Educational Service District (PSESD) ​is one of nine regional educational agencies serving school districts, as well as state approved private, tribal compact and charter schools, in Washington state. Educational Service Districts improve the quality, equity, and efficiency of educational programs through partnerships with K-12 education, early learning, higher education, and public and private organizations. Puget Sound Educational Service District is committed to becoming an Anti-Racist Multicultural Organization in order to eliminate the Opportunity Gap. We share our work in equity and inclusion with our partners, educators and advocates throughout the state and nation to ensure all students reach their full potential. Together, we:

  • Save schools money through regional efficiencies, centralized services, pooled resources
  • Improve the effectiveness of educational programs
  • Deliver specialized services otherwise unavailable
  • Provide leadership for innovative and effective educational practices
  • Build networks and partnerships among districts and other agencies
  • Link schools with regional, state and national educational resources

Puget Sound Educational Service District is committed to supporting all with whom we share transformational relationships in reaching personal and organizational success. The agency is an innovative and responsive partner providing essential local services to leverage resources and strengths to make sure students are ready to enter school, achieve at high levels in the K-12 system, and succeed in postsecondary endeavors.

About the PSESD Board of Directors

The Puget Sound Educational Service District (PSESD) Board of Directors is comprised of nine elected members from various areas in our region. PSESD board members are elected by board members of the 35 school districts in our region. Six of the nine positions are open for election this year. Filing for candidacy begins in September, and new board members will be sworn in this coming January, 2022.

We are seeking community members who are committed to eliminating opportunity gaps and leading with racial equity, participating in monthly board meetings to approve financials and policies regarding the operations of the agency, connecting PSESD with educational leaders and community members, and ultimately ensuring the PSESD achieves its End:  Success for Each Child and Eliminate the Opportunity Gap by Leading With Racial Equity.  Please also see the Board job description. Board members should embody the PSESD Antiracist Leadership Competencies of cultural proficiency, racial equity advocacy, racial equity mindset and living into transformational values.

To find your 2010 Census Tract, please visit the Census Tract Reference Map via the City of Seattle website

This is a volunteer (unpaid) position, although travel expenses and child care costs for Board meetings are reimbursed. There is no financial expectation from you as a board member. Board members will participate in monthly board meetings and periodic committee meetings and work sessions. Please review the full Board job description.

Board Member Eligibility

To be eligible to serve on an ESD board of directors, a candidate must be a registered voter and live in the ESD and director district for which the candidate files. Please contact your ESD for current director district boundaries. ESD board members are elected to a four-year term. Some positions are being filled as unexpired terms and will have different term length and start date.

Download Application Checklist

How to Apply

To run for an ESD Board of Director position, candidates must file a Declaration of Candidacy form between September 1-16. Forms are available online or by request. Forms may be mailed or delivered in-person. If mailed, forms must be postmarked on or before September 16. If delivered in-person, forms must be at the OSPI office by 5:00 pm on September 16. Please note, Declaration of Candidacy forms cannot be filed electronically or via email. To learn more, please review the elections timeline on OSPI.

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