Building Racially Just and Humanizing School Systems.

Inspirational Speakers and Performers

Shakti Butler, Filmmaker

Shakti Butler, PhD, visionary, filmmaker, transformative learning educator, wife, mother, grandmother and friend to many – is President and Founder of World Trust Educational Services, Inc., a non-profit transformative educational organization. Rooted in love and justice, World Trust produces films, curricula, workshops and programs that are catalysts for institutional, structural and cultural change. Shakti is an inspirational speaker, facilitator, trainer and lecturer who is sought after by schools, universities, public and private organizations, and faith-based institutions. Dr. Butler has produced five documentaries.  The first four form the core of World Trust’s teaching tools and have experienced increased exposure — 23 million views of one clip alone — generating national dialogue and critical thinking that is impacting institutions and communities across the country.  These are The Way Home; Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible; Light in the Shadows and Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequity.  Shakti has just finished and premiered Healing Justice, intended to popularize a national conversation about justice, responsibility, and healing.   Dr. Butler also served as diversity consultant and advisor on the Oscar-winning Disney animated film, Zootopia, which focuses on challenging bias and systemic inequity. Shakti’s work incorporates whole body learning through stories, art, movement and dialogue.

Image of Shakti Butler, Filmmaker


Image of Living Voice The Right to Dream performance

Living Voices – The Right to Dream – Civil Rights performance

Share the Struggle

Living Voices combines dynamic solo performances with archival film and sound, turning history into a moving and personal journey.  The struggle and sacrifice for civil rights in America is witnessed in this compelling story. The Right to Dream recreates a student's coming of age as an African American in Mississippi during the 1950's and 1960's. This program illuminates the issues of civil rights, leading audiences to understand how the fight against prejudice has shaped our history.


Spoken Word – Christian Paige

Christian Paige is an educator, keynote speaker, higher education administrator, and a voice for his generation. He is a first-generation college graduate who has committed himself to empowering others to reach for goals that are larger than themselves and transforming institutions to leverage diversity and create equitable climates.

Christian is a native of Tacoma, Washington. He is familiar with diversity, adversity, and thriving in environments that have less than ideal conditions. Christian’s passions have led him to a career in higher education and founding a non-profit called the HOPE initiative. Christian uses both platforms to create access to higher education for low-income and first-generation students. Christian specializes in mentoring and cultivating equitable young leaders that become agents of change in their communities. He speaks on topics such as leveraging diversity, equitable leadership, and cultivating inclusive environments.

Christian encourages leaders to utilize their influence to build systems and cultures that will benefit not only themselves but those whom they will impact. Christian is a firm believer that real change happens when leaders reach for goals that are larger than themselves. He is determined to spread a message of empowerment to leaders of every age and sector to use their gifts, talents, and abilities to make change that will impact the world around them.

Christian has spoken at The Governors Prayer Breakfast, The Secretary of State’s Combined Fund Drive kick off, The Washington Student Achievement Council, Pave the Way Conference for Educators, The Department of Licensing Leadership Conference, The Q Commons regional conference, The Attorney General’s Professional Conference, The “SeaJustice” Conference, Multiple College Commencements, Various schools and youth groups, and graduating classes in the Hickman Mills school District. He has shared the stage with Governor Jay Enslee, Civil Rights Leader Andrew Young, Eugene Cho, and World Vision President Richard Stearns.

Image of Spoken Word – Christian Paige


Image of Chris Reykdal, State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Chris Reykdal, State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Chris Reykdal was born and raised in Snohomish, Washington as the youngest of eight children. He has served as a high school history teacher, local school board member, state legislator, and budget and policy executive for our state’s community and technical college system. Chris has dedicated his entire career to public education, and he is currently serving in his first term as the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Chris and his wife, Kim, live in historic Tumwater with their two children, Carter and Kennedy.

Chris graduated summa cum laude from Washington State University with a bachelor’s degree in social studies, a geology minor, and a teaching certificate. He earned a master’s degree in public administration from the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill. In his role as the State Superintendent, Chris also serves on the State Board of Education, Workforce Training and Education Board, and the State Board of Natural Resources.

Chris leads a team at OSPI that is working hard to open multiple pathways to high school graduation including expanded technical education opportunities. Additionally, OSPI has transformed the state’s accountability system through critical policy and budget changes.