PSESD Policies and Interlocal Agreements

PSESD Policies

The following are PSESD Board Governance and PSESD Operating Policies and Procedures that together guide our work. On an annual basis (or more frequently as warranted), Cabinet Executive Leadership Team (ELT) members engage employees within their respective work units as appropriate, to review, revise and/or develop PSESD Operating Policies and Procedures. The Executive Director of Business and Operations regularly communicates with ELT members regarding policies that need to be developed and/or current policies that need updating, revising, and/or deleting based on guidance from the WA State School Directors Association (WSSDA). The PSESD Superintendent and ELT adopt reviewed Operating Policies and Procedures.

The PSESD Board reviews and updates Governance Policies as needed. In addition to these Board Governance and Operating Policies, PSESD’s Early Learning Program maintains Early Learning Policies and Procedures.  Early learning staff and programs must also adhere to those Early Learning Policies and Procedures.  Where the Early Learning policy is more stringent, the policy would supersede the PSESD Operating Policy.   

Interlocal Agreements

Washington's Interlocal Cooperation Act, chapter 39.34 RCW, authorizes public agencies to contract with other public agencies via interlocal agreements that enable cooperation among the agencies to perform governmental activities and deliver public services.