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Washington Learning Source

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The Washington Learning Source (WLS) is a statewide program developed by Washington’s nine regional Educational Service Districts. The WLS website was officially launched in January 2007. Our mission is to provide a place for districts to choose products and services that meet their needs and create economic efficiencies through ESD collaboration and a regionally supported delivery model. This website has been created to meet those needs. For over 30 years, Washington ESDs have been providing a vast array of services to school districts for the purpose of assuring equal educational opportunities for quality education and lifelong learning for all. ESDs currently provide school districts with access to resources through the regional Instructional Resources Cooperatives, regional Educational Technology Support Centers, and other ESD programs. The Washington Learning Source was an expansion of the Ed Tech Support Center purchasing program serving as a single source to access the variety of resources available in enhancing education and teaching in the state of Washington. Learn more about Washington Learning Source.