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Closing the Gaps through Arts Infused Reading, Math and STEM

11 Sep

Workshops for PreK-8 Teachers, Administrators, Specialists, Instructional Coaches and Aides

Arts Impact, a nationally recognized professional learning program of the PSESD, has shown that arts-infused learning in reading, math and STEM eliminates the opportunity gap between children of color and poverty and their white upper and middle class peers. Arts infused lessons teach concepts like equivalency in dance and math, focal point in reading and visual art, and energy transfer in theater and science simultaneously.

These results were obtained as part of a U.S. Department of Education (DoED) research project between Arts Impact and Seattle Public Schools called Arts Impact Dissemination and Expansion (AIDE, 2010-2014), and corroborated in a second DoED project, STEM and Arts Infused Learning (SAIL, 2014-2018). When disaggregated by race and ethnicity, assessment data for the projects’ arts-infused lessons showed that the opportunity gap, which has persisted for decades between children of color and their white peers, essentially evaporated in Arts Impact’s arts-infused lessons.

Based on these findings and Arts Impact’s consistent record of improving both student and teacher outcomes, OSPI designated Arts Impact as a Title 1 strategy in 2016. This means that districts can use Title funds to support Arts Impact professional learning to improve student achievement. In addition, the new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) calls out the arts and music as mandated parts of a well-rounded education.

Would you be interested in learning how the arts can improve student achievement and narrow gaps in your school? Arts Impact can come offer an introduction to your teachers. Please contact Audrey Otto, Arts Impact Program Specialist, at (425) 917-7975 or to schedule either a 30-minute interactive presentation, or a 3-hour hands-on professional learning workshop at your school. Clock hours available on request for 3-hour workshops.


30-minute presentation – $150

3-hour workshop (all materials included up to 35 staff) – $825

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